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A Heart Pounding and Brain Busting Online Shooting Game

Counter Strike is known as a tactical multiplayer first-person Shooting Game. It started as Mod for the Game Half-Life, but is now one of the most played and downloaded Action games online. It has been translated to different versions like the Counter-Strike Zombie 2.

Unlike its offline version, you can play with players worldwide with Counter Strike Zombie 2. It is also faster and more fun to play. Counter Strike Zombie 2's gameplay is also a little different than the original version. Here, you only play as a counter-terrorism agent. You have to strategically stop and eliminate all enemies and steps to finish every mission. There are also a variety of maps in Counter Strike Zombie 2 that you can choose to play with your team.

Challenging game modes are added for a great gaming experience

Other first-person shooting games that you might be familiar with are Left for Dead and Special Forces. But like these games, Counter Strike Zombie 2 also has different game modes that you can play like Original Mode, Death Match, and Team Death Match. Aside from these default game modes, there are additional modes in Counter Strike Zombie 2. These modes are Zombie Mode 2, Zombie United Mode, Zombie Mode 3, Challenge Mode, Zombie Survival Mode, and the VIP Mode. However, to unlock some modes in Counter Strike Zombie 2, micro-payments are required.

Although it looks older than the original version because of the graphics quality, Counter Strike Zombie 2 offers lots of add-ons and you have the chance to get part with its online community. Enjoy playing alone, gather friends for more fun gaming experience, or choose to play with your online Counter Strike Zombie 2 buddies. It is free to download on any computer with Windows operating system.

Start playing and be the hero of your country with Counter Strike Zombie 2.


  • Easier gameplay than other versions
  • Have different game modes
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Free


  • You need to pay micro-payments to unlock other modes
  • Large file size

free download


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